Career Digital Launches Huge Career Site

I am so proud to be an affiliate of Career Digital, a new online site featuring "Career Insights and Advice," a comprehensive compilation of blog posts by today's careers experts. Offering all of the important categories for CareerDigitallogo job seekers and careerists, this site will help you conduct your job search and manage your career. 

With navigation ease, you may search by pertinent topic and get linked to careers experts blogs. Headlines clue you in to the information each blog post presents. No need to look further – now you may find answers to all you career questions in one place.

Career Digital launches today! Do yourself a favor and check it out!

You may even search the site from this blog! Just scroll down a bit.

Wishing you career success in 2011!


New Must-Read Resource for #Jobseekers: The Twitter Job Search Guide

#Jobseekers are always asking me, "How do I use Twitter for my job search?" Some have a difficult time believing that a staggering number of jobs are posted on Twitter every month. In fact, some career experts claim that Twitter is the fastest-growing opportunity for employment, even ranked as high as #1. has over a million jobs tweeted each month (enough to make a Monster tremble?).

[Newsflash: 48,099 jobs were tweeted on just in the last 24 hours.]

OK, so are you a believer yet? I can hear the moans now, "I don't have time to do Twitter." Or maybe you think LinkedIn or Facebook is enough in the way of social media tools for you. But wait! Aren't you still job searching? Maybe one more tool could really help? Consider this: Twitter is the "barrier buster." It's the only social media tool that doesn't require permission to network. There are no gatekeepers! On Twitter, you can as easily read the Twitter stream of a CEO as that of a college student. And connecting with anyone you want to follow is easier, too!

Twitter is really one of the fastest ways to find others who share common interests – to exchange job search practices, professional ideas, and resources for your job search.

41P4dyv16IL__SL500_AA240_ With a vision ahead of the curve, career management authors Susan Britton Whitcomb @SusanWhitcomb, Chandlee Bryan @chandlee, and Deb Dib @CEOCoach have collaborated to publish The Twitter Job Search Guide – to be released in March (reserve your copy now!). Their book is a practical tutorial in Twitter tools and best practices including pioneering Twitter-inspired techniques with step-to-step guides to:

>>> Creating your "160me" – your 160-character Twitter bio

>>> Writing cover letters in 10 tweets

>>> Developing your "Brand to Land Plan"

>>> Engaging with networking contacts, recruiters, employers, and more

>>> Tweeting in "Day Tight Compartments" for as little as 15 minutes a day

This book includes more than 100 contributors: 13 successful job seekers, plus an all-star cast of respected authors, recruiters, and career management experts (including me – @KCCareerCoach).

If you're not using Twitter, you're missing out on a cutting-edge job search method. Take a chance – dip your big toe into the pool – you won't drown, I promise. Nothing to fear here!

Wishing you career success in 2010!


Networking Blooper to Avoid

While cleaning old records from my computer during the holiday season, I came across a commentary I had written for my Abilities Enhanced company newsletter in 2003. Since the story is still relevant for today's job seeker, I'm sharing it again today:

"Last week I attended a networking event where the program was presented by an executive coach. The room held about 50 attendees, most of them working in businesses that I believe this coach wanted to target. The presentation focused on how coaching can best be used to improve company cultures when the CEO is the first person to buy into the culture change.

"Prior to the start of his presentation, this coach set out to "work the room," meeting and greeting many of the attendees. He was "all smiles" when he approached me, but as soon as he learned that I was just another coach, his eyes began to wander as he surveyed the room for a "hotter" prospect. You see, he perceived me not as a potential buyer of his services. His disconnect with me was obvious and I wondered about his authenticity, despite the fact that he had a successful practice and an important message to share.

"What is MY message here? Expert networkers know that most important contacts are only a few degrees removed from any person you meet. If the coach in this situation had taken a little more time with me, he would have learned that as a career coach I have access to business leaders in many different industries. Since my practice focuses mainly on individuals, not organizations, I could have probably been a great referral source to him. Instead, this coach was more interested in obtaining immediate gratification than building a referral network.

"As job seekers, rarely will you connect at any one event with a primary contact, that is, anyone who can hire you or even introduce you to a hiring authority. Networking is a process that takes time before you reap rewards. Get acquainted with as many people as possible. A major part of the process is "giving before taking," what I call the Golden Rule of Networking. Carry no self-serving expectations to a networking event. Avoid networking bloopers. Networking done right is a time-consuming process, a process paying high dividends when approached from a place of authenticity. Approach networking with the attitude, "It's all about them." When you are curious and show your interest in others, your circle of influence expands. Eventually, the leads you need will come your way."

Wishing you much career success in 2010!


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Jump-start Your 2010 Job Search with 7 New Year’s Resolutions

It's that time again – the end of one year and the beginning of another. Many make New Year's Resolutions fully intending to keep them, but seldom do. Whether it's to lose weight, save more money, be nicer to in-laws, spend more time with your kids — speaking your intention is only the initial step to success. Creating a plan and then working it will bring you much closer.

This is particularly true when it comes to your job search. If you've been out of work or laid off for any amount of time, overwhelm and apathy may have set in. Yes, it's difficult – very difficult – to keep going. Rejection is the most painful emotion to feel, even when you try so hard not to take it personally. Now, more than ever, you need a job search buddy to keep you motivated and moving forward.

Hopefully, you took some time off during the holidays to focus on YOU and your self-care. You'll need every ounce of this renewable energy as you renew your job search in January.

To help boost your job search as we enter 2010, I've made a list of recommended New Year's Resolutions. Not in any particular order, each offers its own importance to assist you.

  • I will make it easy for recruiters to find me.Recruiters work for their client companies – not you – and few appreciate your seeking them. However, when they need qualified candidates, they want them NOW. So, facilitate their need by maintaining high visibility on the Internet. Many recruiters claim that LinkedIn is the first place they look – how findable are you there? Yes, your resume needs to be posted, but do you also participate in discussion groups related to your field?
  • I will spend no more than two hours per day in front of my computer. Get out of the house! Undoubtedly, you've heard that the majority of new jobs are gotten through networking. But beyond that, you must keep your social skills fresh while building and maintaining professional relationships. It's amazing how one's perspective can improve just by interacting with fellow human beings.
  • I will give before taking. While networking, offer your help to fellow job seekers. Volunteer at food pantries or church. Just the act of giving will make you feel valued again. This will enhance your self-confidence and get you going again in the job market.
  • I will devote at least one hour per day to self-care.Keep your mind smart and your boday toned with exercise. Reward yourself for any job search success, no matter how small, by reading a chapter in that novel you're enjoying or watching a TV program that lets you briefly escape. Better yet, read your kids a story or have a late candlelight dinner at home with your partner (after the kids are in bed).
  • I will invest time (and money) into perfecting my resume. Your resume must be PERFECT to stand out above your competition. Does yours do that? Does your resume brand you according the position you seek? A professionally written resume can get your foot in the door. Can't afford it? Just look at what percentage of your first year's income it will be to hire a professional resume writer. How can you NOT afford it?
  • I will get support to stay motivated in my job search. You need a job search partner with no vested interest in the outcome of your job search. Yes, a career coach can help, not only with keeping you motivated, but also providing job search resources, tips, and strategies. Slash your job search time when you invest in a career coach.
  • I will get over my Internet phobias. Hard to believe that in the 21st century there are still job seekers with no home email accounts, let alone LinkedIn, Twitter, or blogging savvy. But there are! If employed, PLEASE don't use your work email for job search purposes. This is so wrong on so many levels. Get up to speed on critical Internet applications (job search and others) – employers will assess your value to them accordingly.

While writing these resolutions, I see that there are so many more that could be added. What are your comments? What do you consider to be the most important New Year's Resolutions for job seekers?


Wishing You Job Search Success and a Happy New Year!