To help you get an early indication of where your blocks to clarity may be, and to prepare you for what’s to come, take the following assessment. Can’t I Figure This Out?

Being unable to see what’s next for you and your life’s direction could be a reflection of many different blocks. Answer the questions on this checklist truthfully to find where the blocks may be for you. Mark those statements that are true for you. Don’t fret because each upcoming chapter is designed to help you through these obstacles to clarity. Each chapter breaks you through to the next. Use this list to help you find where the program will help you most.

___ My life is chaotic and out of control
___ I have no time for the things I really want to do
___ I have interpersonal conflicts in my workplace or at home
___ My home and/or office environment is cluttered and not conducive to good work
___ I am the sole provider or caretaker of my immediate and/or extended family

___ I have trouble seeing myself doing anything else with my life
___ I have prided myself on my position and reputation
___ I have put years of investment into my current work or life role
___ I feel my position or role gives me approval and admiration from those around me
___ I feel that what I do reflects positively on my family and others
around me

___ I have a list of fears and reasons why I can’t make a change right now
___ I perceive negative consequences to making any radical change now
___ Money fears are a major consideration in my thinking now
___ I question my ability to do anything else
___ I worry that my age could get in the way of being able to make a change

___ I feel lost and off-track, but can’t really say specifically what the problem is
___ I had or have a dream (or dreams) I have yet to fulfill
___ There are things I used to enjoy and excel at that I don’t get to do now
___ I have a hobby or volunteer interest that I wonder about making into a career
___ I have a repeating pattern of failures or mishaps in my work and/or relationships

___ I want to do something more meaningful or feel like life has more meaning for me
___ People are always telling me I should do or be x,y,z, but I never really feel motivated to move on it
___ I am not necessarily aware of the impact I have on people and my community
___ I wish I knew how I and/or my work fit into the grand scheme of things
___ I often long to know how I can make a difference

___ I have ideas about what I’d like to do, but I’m not sure how to go about them
___ I am not exactly sure what would make a job or role satisfying for me
___ I vacillate between a few future possibilities but have yet to decide
___ I am not sure if I can find something to do that fits my values
___ I want to be certain before I make a move that it will work out

___ I dread looking at my money situation
___ I already live beyond my means and wonder how I could ever support a change
___ I have been financing a lull in work activity
___ I do not have a money plan for making a transition
___ I am convinced that any change would mean a step backwards financially

___ am a realist
___ I avoid any strategy that is not logical and almost certain of desired outcome
___ It’s hard to invest in things I cannot see or touch
___ I tend to need external proof before trusting someone or something
___ I take on new ideas slowly

___ I tend to do more for the people around me than they do for me
___ I find it hard to ask for help
___ I often drop what I am doing when someone else needs my help
___ I wish I had more of a personal and professional network to tap into
___ There are people in my life who doubt me or think I am crazy to make a change

___ I have no plan for transitioning to something new
___ I find it hard to manage many projects at once
___ I tend to make progress on projects in spurts instead of being consistent
___ I tend to lose interest if I come up against roadblocks when I am executing a plan
___ I have a lot of ideas that I have done nothing about (projects, jobs, products, arts)

Take note of which sections you scored 3 or more True’s in. Go back to the earliest section where you had 3 or more positives and be ready to tackle it when you arrive at that place in the program. Using the correlated chart below, you will see which chapters will hold the most punch for you in breaking through your blocks to clarity.

It is strongly recommended that you do the program in order, but if you feel moved to jump straight into your blocks, do so according to the chapter breakdown below. (NOTE: When you complete this program with your career coach, you will complete the program in order.) If you are ever stuck or unclear as you go, back up a chapter or two to make sure you really covered everything.


Chapter One – “What You Hate Gives a Name to What You Want”
Getting a hold of your whirlwind life is important to finding what’s next.


Chapter Two – “With Every Gain, There is a Loss”
Recognizing that you are not what you do and finding the permanent attributes you can use to move forward, are critical to your progress.


Chapter Three – “Most Limits Are Self-Imposed”
Identifying and working through your self-imposed limits and obstacles will pave the way to more possibilities.


Chapter Four – “The Past Hold Clues to the Future”
There are clues in your life story that you may not be recognizing as strong indicators for your future direction.


Chapter Five – “Your Purpose in Life Is Right Under Your Nose”
A sense of purpose will give great context to your life and help ease you into new and satisfying directions.


Chapters Six and Seven – “Your Purpose Needs a Vehicle” and “Your Criteria For Happiness: Is This Really ‘It’?”
Finding a way to bring who you are into what you do is critical to your happiness and satisfaction. These chapters will help you put form and function to your new life.


Chapter Eight – “The Bottom Line is the Bottom Line”
New awareness of your money life and how it can ease your transition is in order. There is no time like the present to begin.


Chapter Nine and Ten – “Life Often Imitates Art” and “Put Yourself in Opportunity’s Way”
Giving up old ways of achieving and taking big steps to trust yourself, your instincts and the flow of life, is needed to move you on to new horizons.


Chapter Eleven – “You Don’t Have To Do It Alone”
The quality of support from the company you keep is crucial to making your transition to something new. You can train those around you to be better supporters. This chapter will show you how.


Chapter Twelve – “Following Your Life Blueprint”
Implementation and execution is just as important as innovation. Putting one foot in front of the other and monitoring all your opportunities is key to moving

[Taken from the “Now What?” program of the LIFE BLUEPRINT™ INSTITUTE]

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