Building Your Online Reputation: 3 Tips for #Jobseekers

As a job seeker, do you manage your online reputation? "Digital Dirt" is no longer a foreign concept, but as a refresher just let me say: digital dirt refers to any negative information about you on the Internet. To counteract any digital dirt out there about you – anything you don't want recruiters or hiring authorities to find (like on your Facebook page, perhaps?) - your best strategy is to flood the space with positive information. This post offers three helpful tips for doing just that – plus a bonus tip. Remember, the most current information is usually at the top of any indexed list by search engines and will be what is viewed most.

Note: I've used examples from my own experience – hope you don't mind. Your challenge is to create your own experiences and use them to build your own online reputation.

First, become an expert in your field – and then get quoted in an online article.

Second, give an online testimonial of a product or service that you've used.

Third, complete a personal profile on any website you hear about, even if you do nothing else on that site.

BONUS tip, comment on someone else's blog post.

Now, get busy! Create your own online visibility for job search success!

Wishing you career success in 2010!


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