Career Coaching for Career Change

let career coaching help
Let career coaching help!

What’s missing in your career? Do you really like what you do? Have you ever considered career coaching?

Are you happy at work, or do you want more — more recognition, more acceptance, more job satisfaction? Maybe it’s time for a radical career change. Or has a layoff caught you off-guard and you need to regroup? Now is the right time for you to make critical career decisions. Face your tough issues; find best solutions. What gets in your way of success? How can you remove the barriers? Get career coaching to help you:

Move up the ladder. Learn how to go from the present into the future with ease, enthusiasm, and empowerment with career coaching. Enhance your communication skills, strengthen your leadership abilities, and create strategies for achieving goals. Your focus will become clear; your path will become real. Learn how to embrace change to jump start your career!

Prepare for a layoff. No one wants to go through this experience. But advance preparation with with career coaching can make your transition to another job smoother, less painful and more rewarding. Retooling requires reevaluating your career goals and making the right decisions. Polishing your job search skills will jump-start your journey. Get your “Mojo” back with help from your career coach!

Fine-tune networking skills. People find more jobs through networking than with any other job search method. One sales executive said, “You can find the key to successful networking with help from a career coach. I did!” Yes, career coaching can help!

Develop job search techniques that work. Lose your fear of job interviewing — become a pro! Learn how with career coaching. Some executives have said, “Meg (my career coach) was a secret weapon in my job search campaign.”

Define your personal brand of life-work balance. Embrace it! Find happiness with your career and your life.

Career coaching can help you with so much more! You can find career satisfaction with a job you love. You can realize your highest potential.

Meg Montford
Meg Montford, Executive Career Coach

My name is Meg Montford, Executive Career Coach.
I understand radical career changes having made major ones of my own.  Read my personal story.

As your career coach, I will help you:

Choose your career goal — and make a plan to achieve it.
Work your passion — and not just dream about it.
Develop career strategies — to balance your work and personal lives.
Focus your job search — get real about what you need to do to succeed.

Read what my clients say.

Ready to find out if career coaching is right for you? Let’s get started!