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Career Services and Resources

Career management can be a daunting task for any individual. In many ways, it is similar to managing a small business, that is the business of Me, Inc. If you need help mastering your CEO role in the most important business to you, then check out the following career services and resources for assistance.

Networking - tips and resources
Assessments - determine your right career - Try the MAPP for free!
Teleclasses - learn by teleconference
Job Search Tools - to help you find the right positions and enhance your life
Job Search Tips - career advice for your job search
Career Articles - on job search, career management, and more
Career Links - websites related to job and careers


More people get jobs through networking than any other way. Networking is the only way to build relationships that can last the lifetime of your career. Successfully network when you give more than you get. Approach networking with curiosity and what you can do for others. Then people will remember you as a person who cares and reciprocate by offering to help you.

Would you like to join my personal LinkedIn network? (No charge.) Please send me an email of introduction and I will invite you. My online network grows daily. When you are a part of it, you will find many ways to connect with your peers as well as hiring authorities. Check out my online LinkedIn profile. You can have your own online LinkedIn profile when you join this group. You are truly only three to six degrees away from the contact you need to make.

Curiosity + Care = Authentic Networking


Free MAPP Assessment: What motivates you at work? What is your potential? Read Career Stories provided to help you manage your career development.
keirsey sorter assessment Free Keirsey Sorter: Short personality assessment similar to the MBTI.


What are teleclasses? Teleclasses are facilitated by telephone. You can attend from the comfort and convenience of your own home. Some cost; some are free; but all are fun! When you enroll you will get a special phone number and PIN giving you access to the phone line at the scheduled time. You pay long distance phone charges, but inexpensive phone cards make this cost nominal compared to the valuable learning you will receive.

Meg Montford of Abilities Enhanced® is a Certified TeleLeader with TeleClass International.

Give teleclass learning a try! Make new friends around the globe and build relationships that will help you achieve your goals.

Coming Soon! "Now What? 90 Days to a New Life Direction." New teleclass starting soon. See details and information on finding the life direction you have only dreamed about. Register now!

Job Search Tools

explore occupations

adobe acrobat reader Get the free Adobe Acrobat reader to open any PDF file.
calculate salaries Compare salaries in occupations and geographic locations.
Find your ideal job in the sports arena - even if you are not an athlete.

Job Search Tips

Numbers Game

Throughout your job search ponder this – You must collect your share of “No’s” before you get your “Yes”. And it only takes one “Yes” to get a job!

Mind Your Manners

Your mother was right. Please and thank you do count. It’s amazing what a well-timed thank you card or letter to a potential employer can do for your job search. It may not guarantee a job, but it will bring your resume and application to the top of the stack! As one employer said, “I may not hire the person with the thank you card, but I will definitely keep his resume for future reference. I will also keep him in mind if I hear of any opportunities with other companies.”

Read My Lips

Interviewing is not just a question and answer session with a potential employer. Body language plays an important a role in the job interview process, too. Shake hands with the interviewer, sit up straight, look the interviewer in the eye and SMILE! Smiling relaxes your muscles to make you appear at ease and receptive to what the interviewer is saying. Remember to dress the part. Experts say that an interviewer makes up his mind about you within 15 seconds after you enter the room. That’s before you’ve said a word! Make your job search preparation count by developing your style and poise.

Tell Me About Yourself

The dreaded interview question! What do you say? Keep in mind the purpose of this question. Usually, it is asked once your sit down facing the interviewer. You may see it as an “ice breaker,” but beware. The employer is looking for a couple of things. First, does your answer show how you qualify for the position? Second, how comfortable are you in thinking “on your feet?” Stay away from the long-winded history of your life. Stick to the facts of your job performance and accomplishments. Use this question to sell yourself!


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