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"Meg takes a pragmatic coach approach to my marketing needs. I bring her fragmented ideas and she helps me pull them together. Opportunities for new business, strategic alliances, plus marketing initiatives impacting my bottom line, are realized. Meg has helped grow Career Trend's revenue by thousands of dollars!" � Jacqui D. Barrett, President, Career Trend

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Invitation to Coaches

Dear Coaches:

We've all heard the news: Only 10% of all Business, Life and Career Coaches earn over $100K per year. This fact can be daunting if you are already coaching and earning far less. It can be discouraging if you want to be a coach, but don't know how to build your small business.

Most of us don't become coaches because we want to become rich. However, I think you will agree that to be a happy, full time coach we need to be able to pay our bills, invest in our future, and have enough left over to enjoy a satisfying life.

Most coaches have seen the Suze Orman television program. Suze, a financial coach, spoke at the 2001 International Coach Federation Annual Conference. Her favorite saying repeated weekly on her program is: “People first, then money - then things."

When it comes to building your coaching business, my mantra is: “Marketing first, then coaching.” That is how important best marketing practices are to your success. Even after you have built your business, you should expect to spend at least 30% of your time marketing. Just do it!

Now you can create the small business you really want for your coaching practice. Are you ready to find out how? As an experienced marketing mentor coach, I can teach you how to build your small business FAST using an affordable and proven common sense marketing plan!

“During my coach training I found my mentor Meg Montford. She was like a perfect match, the person I was looking for. And did I feel blessed to have her with me to answer the many questions and direct me as I went along the road to the entrepreneurship! We had regular phone sessions, and I found each and every session extremely beneficial. My mentor helped me define my goals - note, she did not define them for me, but she helped me in finding my answers myself. For the first time, I understood the essence of coaching - not as a coach myself but as being coached. She was there to (help me) define and articulate my thoughts, and clear up my vision to find the right path when I was at the crossroads.” Shweta L Khare, Student Coach, San Jose, CA

Interested in getting your own business bulding mentor coach? Contact me by email or phone for details.

Wishing you much success,

Meg Montford

Meg’s Book Nook

A Whole New Mind: Moving from the Information Age to the Conceptual Age by Daniel H. Pink, © 2005

“A groundbreaking guide to surviving, thriving, and finding meaning in a world rocked by outsourcing of jobs abroad and the computerization of our lives.” This is must-read for all coaches that help people wrestling with how to maintain job security in an insecure world. I rate it a 10!

A Whole New Mind  

Marketing Tip for Coaches

Do you want to coach more paying clients AND still be able to give back to the community? Read my article: “How to Serve Pro Bono Clients While Building a Profitable Coaching Business.” You can do both!

Be prepared to change the way you think about marketing forever! (Meg) taught me the latest marketing techniques in ways that I can immediately implement. (What) I learned made an impact to my coaching business and will continue to be felt for years. With Meg�s help I was able to identify my niche and develop short-term and long-term marketing plans. Before (we even finished), media in my target market were calling me to promote my products and business. Thank you, Meg, for putting me on the road to success.� Julie Stroud, Owner, Dream Plans Inc., Danville, IL

Meg Montford of Abilities Enhanced® developed creative content and taught the Marketing Challenge for Career Coach Institute, the premier virtual career coach training program.

Meg is a Certified TeleLeader with TeleClass International. She has been a marketing instructor for career coaches since 2002, including training coaches as an Associate Coach for Milana Leshinsky's Coaching Business Mastery program. She holds the credentials of Master Certified Career Coach and Career Management Fellow; is a graduate of both Career Coach Institute and Corporate Coach University; and has surpassed 1500 clock hours in providing career coaching services to executive and professional clients since founding Abilities Enhanced® in 1999. Read more about Meg on the About Us page.


What are teleclasses? Teleclasses are facilitated by telephone. Some cost; some are free. Upon enrollment you receive a special phone number and PIN giving you access to the phone line at the scheduled time. You will pay long distance phone charges, but inexpensive phone cards make this cost nominal compared to the valuable learning you will receive.

Listen to Meg’s Teleclass on Marketing for Coaches - MP3 (Download: Right click, “save target as”)

“Top Four Strategies for Attracting Executive Coaching Clients,” was presented to the Career Coaching SIG of the New Jersey Professional Coaches Association on January 12, 2006.

“Thank you again for a masterful presentation to the New Jersey Career Coaches SIG. Your interaction with our group, valuable content, and resources were extraordinary!” – Ron Paxton, President, ExecsCoach LLC

“Thanks for today's presentation. I really enjoyed it, and got a lot of useful tips & resources from it.” – J.H., Career Counselor

“I enjoyed your presentation today. I appreciated the four essential elements and the resources and tips that you presented for a career coaching practice to be successful.” – M.S., Career Coach

Listen to Meg’s Teleclass: “Design Your Perfect Coaching Lifestyle Business" - MP3 (Download: Right click, “save target as”)

What coaches say about Meg’s other teleclasses:

"Meg is one of the best teleclass facilitators I have experienced. Her tone of voice and expression are warm and welcoming. She provides the right balance of content and discussion, assuring that everyone has an opportunity to be heard and acknowledged for their contributions. She knows when to challenge and when to use silence to encourage participation. She also brings a high level of expertise to the discussions. Meg makes learning through teleclasses easy!"Joanne Dustin, Director of Career Development, Boston, MA, USA

"Joining Meg's marketing teleclass gave me resources and techniques to successfully market a small business for coaching. Meg's expertise, creative ideas and willingness to share were highlights of the class enabling me to feel confident to move forward with my small business coaching practice." � Mary D'Arcy, Professional Certified Career Coach & Owner, Career Intuition, Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada

Resources for Business & Career Coaches (Affiliates and Friends)

ICF Career Coaches SIG (Special Interest Group): For International Coach Federation members only. Meets by teleconference on the third Wednesday of every month. Free. .
Customized Newsletter Service: Newsletters for Business and Executive Coaches. Get help doing your ezine when you purchase quality articles and more. Get resources to help write your blog.
Association of Coaching & Consulting Professionals on the Web: Provides 24/7 access to resources, tools, articles, how-to's, tutorials, marketing rolodex, and opportunities for growing your practice.

Blog Ligntning: Step-by-step blogging success tutorial from award-winning small business blogger and marketing coach, John Jantsch. Everything you need to get started in blogging - all in one book! Free bonuses from leading, cutting-edge technology marketing experts.

Assessment Generator: Create your own coaching assessments in 10 minutes or less! Design custom self-scoring assessments to attract more prospects and give better value to existing clients. Try it for FREE!
Referral Flood: An insider's shortcut to referral marketing that will supercharge your business, your wealth, and your life...even if you don't know a thing about marketing. Choose digital download with MP3 audios or hard copy version with CDs.
Secrets of Successful Ezines: This product includes an ebook with step-by-step instructions for creating an ezine that gets results; an ebook with 55 samples; and an ebook with 35 interviews with successful ezine publishers.
Conversations Club: Get access to Conversations with Experts audio program on private blog. This is a membership program with a recurring fee of $9.95 per month.
New and Improved 10 Tips to the Top: How to build a website to be found by search engines.
Ten Dumb Marketing Mistakes: Advice from Robert Middleton of InfoGuru Marketing fame.
Keeping the People Report: Read talent expert, Leigh Branham’s, newsletter on talent retention.

Marketing Coach for Coaches

October 28, 2004

Dear Meg,

This is just a brief expression of my appreciation for your marketing coaching over the past few months. I have gained so many different benefits that it's hard to choose which have been the most valuable.

First is your help in clarifying the direction I want to go and what type(s) of clients I most want to work. I've learned more about the importance of focusing on my target market in everything I do, while recognizing that this doesn't mean I can't assist other clients who want my help.

Another important aspect has been discovering some of my roadblocks so that I can begin working on them effectively. I'm encouraged by being able to start tackling some of those issues.

It has also been great to have a "sounding board" for my thoughts and ideas so I can sort out priorities and expand initial ideas into other possibilities. My recent bunch of articles published online (I think it's five so far) reflects that. I'm grateful for your encouragement about doing the article on "10 Mistakes in a Confidential Job Search" and submitting it for publication rather than just offering it as a freebie on my web site. It was recently published on!

Last, but definitely not least, I appreciate your gentle "nudging" to keep me on track and get me to define and refine my thoughts as I talk through an issue. Your approach meshes very well with the way I like to work with people and enables me to feel comfortable but not complacent!

I'm looking forward to our next group of sessions in the coming weeks. Thanks again for all your help.


Georgia Adamson, Certified Career Management Coach / Certified Professional Resume Writer

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