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“Meg Montford, Business and Career Coach, was invaluable in the startup and continuing success of career development seminars for our employees.” – John Grobe, President, Chicago Management & Career Consultants

What We Provide

Abilities Enhanced® is a woman-owned business that partners with you to deliver the career management services you need to produce the results you want. We offer services “ahead of the curve” to support change management, bridge learning gaps, and ease transitions in the ever-evolving workplace. We custom design programs to produce winning solutions for the challenges facing today's executives, managers, and their workforce.

Specific programs include: Outplacement Solutions, Business and Career Coaching, Training and Group Facilitation.

We build career resiliency and career development skills with career coaching for high potential employees. We assess communication styles to coach the improvement of interpersonal relations between individuals, inside teams, and with customers and clients. We help individuals clarify their values, enhance their authenticity, and define their decision making integrity.

Career coaching boosts self-confidence, increases team effectiveness, drives performance improvement, and reinforces training objectives. Proven results are based upon first-hand experience, knowledge, training, and certification in the careers and employment industry since 1986. Coaching makes the difference!

Career services may include:

Career Coaching: Customized individual and group programs led by an experienced Master Certified Career Coach™.
Professional Resume Writing: Customized documents written by experienced Certified Professional Resume Writers™.

Outplacement Solutions

Layoffs are not fun for anyone. Although crucial to an organization’s survival, restructuring can lead to discomfort and anxiety for managers, human resources, and employees who stay with the company. For the downsized employee, this life altering experience soon degenerates into fear and an uncertain future.

What can you do to show departing workers that you care to help them leave with less pain and resentment? What is the right thing to do to help them transition into their next jobs as quickly and effortlessly as possible?

Abilities Enhanced® provides affordable outplacement services. We create customized packages of career related services that are delivered to recipients at your company site, off-site, or through teleconference classes and one-on-one career coaching by phone. Service offerings include career transition coaching, preparation of all career marketing materials, and job search management assistance. Employees will leave with the right attitudes to begin job searches. Their anxiety and fear will be minimized.

Business and Career Coaching

Change is the norm in today’s work environment. It requires positive attitudes, flexibility, and adaptability by all employees. Abilities Enhanced® partners with corporate, civic, nonprofit, and educational organizations to offer coaching services that address change management and more. Through individual and group coaching, focus is directed to resolving business and career related issues — to meet employee needs with results benefiting employers, too.

Services are delivered in person or by telephone. Coaching helps employees move forward in their thinking and their performance. Visit our Coaching page for more information on the benefits of coaching.

Training and Group Facilitation

You pick the topic and we will create the seminar to meet your needs. Topics may include internal career pathing, peer mentoring, creating career resiliency, enhancing communication skills, life after layoff, building self-confidence, and more. Services are delivered on-site or by teleclasses with a teleconference bridge line.

We can provide group facilitation for business retreats, off-site training seminars and teambuilding meetings. Contact us for details.

Popular seminar topics include:
Communication Styles: Understanding Yours and Others
The Key P's to Successful Interviewing: Prepare, Practice, Perform
Career Self-Management: The New Name of the Employment Game
Give More than You Get: The Key to Great Networking
Writing Resumes That Get Interviews

Contact Us

Contact Abilities Enhanced® by email or phone for a customized price quote on business services. Complete the form on our Contact page, call (816) 767-1196, or send us an email today!

Whenever possible, services are delivered personally by Meg Montford, President of Abilities Enhanced®. She is a Master Certified Career Coach™, Career Management Fellow, Certified Professional Resume Writer™, and Certified Teleleader. She completed her coach training and is a graduate of both Corporate Coach University and Career Coach Institute. Review her credentials at About Us.

To ensure timely completion of all projects, Meg will coordinate collaboration of services with other qualified professionals when necessary. All team members adhere to the professional ethics and standards set forth by the International Coach Federation, Association of Career Professionals International, Career Masters Institute, and Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches.

Let us know how we can share our expertise to help you help your employees.

Phone: (816) 767-1196
P.O. Box 11823, Kansas City, MO 64138

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