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Career Advice Articles

These articles have appeared in The Kansas City Star, AE News,, and other online and print publications.

Top Ten Pet Peeves of a Career Coach
Working in the careers industry I hear many stories of what "turns off" a hiring authority. Here are some of the top pet peeves along with some my own. A career coach can support a client in modifying these behaviors to enhance opportunities for getting and keeping a job. My comments following each pet peeve. Read the article.
Manners Matter
“Being gracious in life will carry you far,” espoused the newest United States Poet Laureate, Ted Kooser. Attending my son's recent college graduation ceremony, I listened as Mr. Kooser delivered the keynote address. Speaking to the graduates, he assured them that his words would be brief and forgave them in advance if they didn't remember much of his speech. Attracted to the manner of this 35-year-career insurance man turned poet, I hurriedly reached for a scrap of paper to scribble a few notes. Read the article.
Life After Layoff: 3 Keys for Speeding up Re-Employment
What happened? One day you were working and the next day you were ushered out with a pink slip. What do you do now? Does looking for another position in today's economy overwhelm you? What can you do to ensure future job security? Read the article.
Top Ten Smart Networking Tips
Smart networking is a major key to career success. Master it, and you master your destiny. The following tips will help you become a pro. Read the article.
Careers in Waiting
According to a December 2003 survey conducted by, 38% of the directors, managers, supervisors and team leaders polled said that they were likely to change jobs in 2004. Read the article.
Maximizing a Salary Offer
It’s a proven fact: To return to work following a layoff, you may have to accept a lower salary than the one you enjoyed in your previous position. However, there are a few strategies to employ to try to boost your financial point of entry. Read the article.



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