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career coaching services for executives and professionals

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Career Coaching for Executives and Professionals

What’s missing in your career? Do you really like what you do?

Are you happy at work, or do you want more — more recognition, more acceptance, more job satisfaction?

Maybe it’s time for a radical career change. Or has a layoff caught you and you need to regroup?

NOW’s the right time for you to make critical career decisions — especially in this tough economy!

Face your tough issues and find the best solutions. What gets in your way of success? How can you remove the barriers?

Move up the ladder. Learn how to go from the present into the future with ease, enthusiasm, and empowerment. Enhance your communication skills, strengthen your leadership abilities, and create strategies for achieving your goals. Your focus will become clear; your path will become real. Learn how to embrace change to jump start your career!

Prepare for a layoff. No one wants to go through this experiece. But advance preparation can make your transition to another job smoother and less painful. Retooling requires reevaluating your career goals and making the right decisions. Polishing your job search skills will jump start your journey. Get your mojo back with help from your career coach!

Fine-tune networking skills. People find more jobs through networking than with any other job search method. One sales executive said, “You can find the key to successful networking with help from a career coach. I did!”

Develop job search techniques that work. Lose your fear of job interviewing — become a pro! Learn how with your career coach. Some executives have called Meg a secret weapon in their job search campaigns.

Define your personal brand of life-work balance. Embrace it! Find happiness with your career and your life.

You can find career satisfaction with a job you love. You can realize your highest potential!

Look for experience, certification, strong ethics, and the ability to understand your needs in the career coach you choose. Your career coach will become your career management partner. The right “fit” will produce your best results.

My name is Meg Montford, Executive Career Coach.

I understand radical career changes having made major ones of my own. When I could no longer tolerate my job as a college financial aid officer (after nine years in a career by “default” instead of by “choice”), I persuaded the owner of a boutique staffing firm to hire me as a recruiter working on a commission. You see, I had discovered after three long years of soul searching that I wanted to be a career services professional. (When you work with a career coach, it doesn't have to take nearly this long!) Thus began my 13 years of going from commissioned to salaried employment positions in my chosen field. (By the way, I was a single mother of two young sons during this time. To say I was a little afraid would be putting it mildly.)

In 1999, I was ready to take another risk — start my own career coaching business. I had always wanted my own business, and now the time was right — at least as good as it was ever going to get for me! This career change was a particularly scary one — I had to cash in my retirement account to get started! (Now, I don't advise this for everyone, but for me, it was my only choice.) Since then I have been rewarded many times over as a small business owner being able to do what I love — helping others discover the way to work their own passion as I am able to do, and while making money doing it, too! (And yes, I do have a new retirement account.)

Today I specialize in working with sales and marketing executives who feel stuck and are struggling to make the necessary changes to advance their careers. (Did you know that a job search has a lot in common with sales and marketing?) Others who have benefited from career coaching with me include those in Finance, IT, Healthcare, and more. Read their success stories. Who sounds like you?



One of my executive clients said about career coaching with me, "The kicker was Meg’s intuitive skills; I honestly think she had me figured out after our first phone call!" (Kevin Travelstead, VP Business Development)

Career coaching will help you take charge of your career again. You spend one third of your adult life at work — don’t you deserve to have job satisfaction? So choose to make your career enjoyable!

As your career coach, I will help you:
Choose your career goal — and make a plan to achieve it.
Work your passion — and not just dream about it.
Focus your job search — create a professional resume; fine-tune your interviewing skills.
Develop career strategiesto balance your work and personal lives.

Are you coachable? I only work with those who are.

Follow these simple steps to find out if career coaching is right for you:

First, do a Self-Assessment. What are you ready to achieve?

Second, request a free Career Evaluation. Tell me about the needs you have and I will contact you.

Third, name your goals and decide how to achieve them with your career coach cheering you on!


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Career Change Coaching

In a dead-end job? Want more out of life? Take the Now What? Quiz. See how your challenges stack up. Find a new career direction with this special 12-week coaching program. No matter your job or confusion, this program can help. Text included.

Professional Resumes

By integrating your own words into the document we create for you, Abilities Enhanced® helps you market your highest value to potential employers with the resumes we write. Certified Professional Resume Writers focus on writing resumes to get you interviews. View award winning resume samples. Ask for a free resume consultation. Get the right resume for your career change.

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